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Climate Change

Three days ago it was 75 degrees F.  Nice, pleasant weather, a proper desert spring.

This was what it looked like at 1 A.M. this morning…

Let It Snow

Silent Night

…and this is what it looked like at 8 A.M.

Snowflakes in a Pear Tree

Yup, climate changes.  Apparently we moved to a taiga overnight.  My new camera is happy.

Edited to add a few other shots I took on the way to work.  There’s a link to the Picasa folder of all of the shots at the bottom of the post.

Mountain, Trees, Sun, Snow?

My Front Yard

Frosted Tips

Snowflake Orchard

Edited again to add the link to the rest of the shots and a couple of panoramic composites.  Via Picasa, of course.

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