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Steampunk Stuff

Just a quick update on a project I’m working on and a cool set of art I stumbled across, both with steampunk echoes.  First, the work by someone else, a sort of Steampunk-flavored Final Fantasy-inspired set of fantasy weapons:

Heretic Weaponry

And then there’s this little project of mine.  It’s more “gearpunk” than “steampunk”, I guess, sort of like my gearpunk dice or my snowflakes, but it’s fun to create anyway.

CardPokerFrontHearts CardPokerBack

Once I get this standard card set done, I’ll offer it for sale via TheGameCrafter.com, so I’ll post about it again later.  In the meantime, any recommendations for the Kings, Queens and Jacks?  I have some ideas like Ada Lovelace for the Queen of Hearts and Tesla/Edison as dueling Jacks or Kings, but I’d love to hear what others think.

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