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I’m still tinkering a little bit with the deck I’m calling the Tinker Deck, prepping the last few touches before I launch the Kickstarter.  We’re going to go ahead and roll with the Bicycle brand, though I have my reservations.  If it works, great, if it doesn’t, maybe I’ll try again with the lower price point.

In the meantime, though, I’m doing a video and lots of paperwork.  If you’re a CPA or tax prep indie, good on ya.  If you’re from the IRS, well… something different.

Anyway, just a little tease today.  I understand that many poker players like to have two decks ready to go, instead of just one.  I’ve made a pair of card backs to cater to this quirk, and if the Kickstarter gets traction, we’ll offer a second deck with that other back… and a new cast of face cards.  Specifically, I want to open it up to put backers on the alternate cards, giving us a Tinker deck with the historical figures I’ve already done, and another deck (“The Society”? “The Club”? “Grounders”?) sporting the faces (and costumes, maybe) of backers who are so interested.  I’m still sorting out the nuts and bolts of the whole setup, but it’s an idea I want to float, anyway.

Among other ideas, that is.  We’ll see how the campaign goes.  It might just be a fun little exercise in wheel gear spinning, but hey, learning opportunity.

EurekaBack_300 EurekaBackAlt_300

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