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My Tinker Dice Kickstarter campaign is aliiiiiiive!  (Seriously, mad science and a crazy experiment?  How could I resist Gene Wilder?)

Tinker Dice

Many thanks for your input on this project, and here’s hoping that things go well and we get some dice made!

Oh, and as a little bonus, if you blog about this and link to this post, if you want them, I’ll send you .pdf files so you can print out your own prototypes.  If you also back the project, I’ll send you an extra pair of plastic dice, whichever ones you want of what’s available (if we wind up with a successful run, anyway).  Just let me know in your contact info for the project where your blog is (that’s how I’ll keep track so I don’t lose anyone).

I’m most grateful for any buzz you can give this project; word of mouth tends to be the backbone of these things.  It’s especially crucial for stretch goals, and in this case, where solid metal versions of my Shapeways Gearpunk dice are in the offering, I’m hoping we can get things rolling along.

Thanks, everyone, and let’s see where this train goes!

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