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OK, so the Kickstarter for the Tinker Dice is up and running.  What now?

Well, I have had a few ideas for some fun here and there, first being a “Daily Dose of Dice”… a daily (or almost daily) series of photos or art showing possible uses for dice.  Mad Science may or may not be involved.

To kick things off, well, it’s a bit of a cheat.  These are dice images that I’m using in the campaign.  Please feel free to take these and use them for decoration, avatars, whatever.  I’m going to be using them in promotional material.  I’d ask that you don’t change them or say mean, nasty things about them or me, but other than that, these are now released to the internet hivemind.  I’d love it if you wound up using them and linking back here or to the Kickstarter campaign, but that’s not a condition of use.

Thanks everyone for your support so far!

Tinker Dice at Kickstarter


DiceMockupsAntiqueBronze1 DiceMockupsAntiqueBronzeFudge DiceMockupsSpeckle1 DiceMockupsSpeckle2 DiceMockupsSpeckle3 DiceMockupsSpeckle4 DiceMockupsSpeckle5 DiceMockupsSpeckle6 DiceMockupsSpeckleFudge

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