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Holy schamoley, guys, the Tinker Metal Dice project funded in less than 12 hours!


I’m… floored, and extremely grateful for all of your support!  I’ve been more than a bit preoccupied of late trying to get these things going, and it’s been a humbling and exciting morning for me and my cohorts at Project Khopesh.

Just… wow.

Thank you, very, very much!

We do still have plans in the works for the FATE/Fudge dice, and it’ll be great if we can get those as well, so there’s potentially more good news in the pipe… but man, it’s been a really good day so far.  Thank you to each and every one of you, and I’m looking forward to getting these made up and sent out to you!

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The Tinker Metal Dice campaign has begun!  It just seems right, somehow, to have metal dice for this steampunky project, and I’d appreciate whatever you can help me with in spreading the word!

Tinker Metal Dice on Kickstarter

I know, it’s missing a video, but I just don’t have the time.  I’d like to think that the design speaks for itself.  The photos are of prototypes, but the finals shouldn’t be too different.

Tinker Dice Metal Splash

Thanks for looking!

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