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This.  This is what I want for Zomblobs!… someday.  I saw the trend, the potential, but I’m not sure that my timing will be sufficient.  Trying to chase new markets in game design isn’t something that’s easy to do when timing is a factor, and I can only put hobbyist time (and barely that) into the process.

3D Printed Open Source Game

Zomblobs! may never really happen as a product I can make money from, or even be as finalized as I’d like (real life is a beast sometimes) but it’s nice to see that it could have, and that I wasn’t the only one to see the potential there.  Yes, technically, that’s an open source game, not really a commercial product, but still… 3D printing can be a great tool for indie-scale game design.


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It’s “Cyber Monday”, and among other sales out there, Shapeways is having a 15% off sale.  That means my Gearpunk dice are on sale, as are the World of Warcraft Druid signet rings.  They are rejiggering the pricing around a bit as well, so the prices are going to be changing in my shop, too.  No more of the nice progression of price points I planned out, no, it’s going to be a mess of weird numbers.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that all the prices are going to be coming down a bit.  I’m happy about that.  Lower prices, 15% sale… it’s a good day to investigate Shapeways.

Here’s my shop, Tish Tosh Toys

and there’s the main Shapeways page.

I now have the Resto and Cat form rings up for sale as well.  Sorry they are late, but hey, sale day is a good day for them, right?  Moonkin rings are in the pipeline, hopefully available in the next few days.

Cat Signet

Cat Slim

Resto Signet

Resto Slim

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Note to self and other game designers: the Pentagonal Icositetrahedron is not really suitable as a die.


So naturally, I designed one before recognizing that simple fact.  (Protip: Don’t design when sleep deprived.)


Gearwork D24

It doesn’t have flat opposing faces, so when it’s at rest, there’s no “top” face to read off, just a triplet of faces.  So yeah… Tesh dice design failure #1.  Maybe there’s a game mechanic where you’d need 3 values from a D24… so let’s call that a design challenge, maybe.  Except, they wouldn’t be three random values, since the same face it’s lying on at rest will always give the same three values.

…I’m not seeing a way out of this.

Oh, well.  I’ll use the gearface tech on other suitable polyhedra.  And there are some fun ones out there…

Edited to add:

Ah, that’s better.  This one will actually work as a die!  It’s now for sale, too!


DGear24, ready to go.  I recommend the bronze version, of course, but you can make it in pretty much anything.

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