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It’s been a while since I stopped in at 8-bit Theater, but browsing the latest strips yesterday, I happened across this one:

Lex Luthor, Hero

Strangely, Black Mage has a point.  Maybe not a stunningly good one… but this might explain why I’ve never been a big fan of Superman.  I’m definitely not a fan when he goes all Brian Singerish or forgets that the Earth’s rotation can’t change the flow of time.

Edited:  For some dumb reason, the link is broken and I can’t seem to find the page again.  Bleh.  In summary, BM was saying that Lex was a hero because he was fighting against the superior alien of perfection by showing that mere mortals could aspire to greatness, even when they are the underdog.  Old Supes is pretty much perfect, and it doesn’t always make for good storytelling, or good role modeling.  Of course we can aspire to be better people, but there’s no way that I’ll ever realize the dream of flying or stopping bullets with my eyes.  At least, not more than once.

Edited again 1/8/10:

New link, this one should be working.  Thanks to tvtropes.org for this one.  Shame it took me an hour of random link tracking to get there… that site really is a black hole.

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