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I have been measured, and have been found wanting.

But hey, don’t I look heroic?  (This stocky fellow is my “Alliance main”… I’d show my Tishtoshtesh character, but his pose lacks this fellow’s panache.  One simply must put their best foot forward in an audit, after all.)

So… yes, I find the whole notion of a “Character Audit” rather… silly.  I’m sure there’s a slippery slope in there somewhere, but for now, I’m simply amused that the new and improved WoW Armory has an Auditor.  There’s a marked lack of a FaceBook button, though.  Is it really enough that only the system gets to tell me I’m doing it wrong?  Also, as yet, there’s not an Auditor in-game.


Edited to add:

OK, here’s Tishtoshtesh, to show more silliness.  Of all the things to complain about regarding that head armor, it whines about being non-leather (cloth) and unenchanted.  I’d have started with “looks idiotic” and “caster stats, you Feral nitwit”.  (So sue me, it’s the only head armor I’ve found so far.)

The Bilgewater Cartel tabard is so I can someday get a tricycle and motor around like this guy:

Tauren on a Goblin Mount

If I’m going to be absurd, why not?  Besides, it reminds me of Bowser on a Mario Kart, and that makes me smile.

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