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Cipher Prime is currently having a “moving sale” for their company.  I’ve been waiting for just this sort of thing ever since Fractal was released.

So, until July 30th, you can get Fractal and/or Auditorium for $5 each.  These are great games, well worth the cost.  I’m stingy, so I’ve been waiting for a sale, but these have been at the top of my “pull the trigger and buy” list.

Really, just go play their demos (right on the web, no download) and see what they are.  Auditorium especially really needs to be experienced, and Fractal is a rock-solid bit of fun hex-based puzzling.  I was sold on the demos… but now that I’ve played the “full” game for each (at least, in breadth, if not depth), I’d recommend them even higher.  The demos are good fun, but the full games are fantastic.

Disclosure:  I have no material connection to these guys and receive no benefits from promoting these games.  I just think they are great games, totally worth playing and buying.  If nothing else, go check them out, and if you like ’em, spread the word!  That’s part of how the indie game development world works; we can’t rely on publishers to make or break our games.

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The Escapist magazine has an Indie Spotlight series going on, starting with none other than Auditorium.  I place a lot of hope for innovation and fun in the indie segment of the dev world, and it’s good to see some of these titles getting the spotlight.

Indie Spotlight

Now, if only I were independently wealthy and could make my own startup…

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This is awesome.

Flash games can be lame, or they can be excellent pieces of work like Auditorium.  I only wish I could listen to the music tracks once “complete” for a bit longer.

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