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Fly By, Butterfly

I’m not a social butterfly. Bartle’s test puts me in a very polarized EASK model (100/50/50/0), which is to say, I explore at any opportunity, achieve and socialize when I can’t explore, and don’t have a mean bone in my body. Um… except for all those rats and boars. It was self-defense, honest.

Lately, though, I’ve been flitting about between different MMO games, and I’ve started to feel a little… flighty. (more…)

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Games I Play, 2008

In which I list the games I’m playing or played recently, and give brief reviews on the same.

First up, the newest addition to the stable, Atlantica Online, currently in open beta. (more…)

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Since it’s at the cusp of my concerns at the moment, perhaps I’ll write a bit about employment. Specifically, my employment.

For reference, I’m currently an artist in the game industry at a sweet little company called Wahoo Studios, working on XBoxLive games, among other things. My BFA degree is from the Industrial Design college at BYU, and I have a long standing interest in physics and math, so I’m a bit of a right brain/left brain sort of guy.

Trouble is, I like creating art. (more…)

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