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Life is really busy now… but as of early early this morning, I have officially finished illustrating my first book!  My mother teaches piano and guitar, and writes music and stories on the side.  This is her first book she has wanted to get officially produced, so she and I worked together to make it happen.  It’s not yet available for the general public, we’re waiting on the first pass of production to see if we’re happy with the book layout, print quality and that sort of thing.  Still, it’s really nice to say “I illustrated a book, for real, really!”

I might dig a bit into my illustration process in a post or two, sort of like my old “how I do avatar art” thread (that I still need to replicate here as a blog post… someday), but for now, I’m just going to relax a little this weekend, take some long exposure photographs of the stars, and maybe play some Dominion or Quarriors.

…then get back to work on Zomblobs!, of course.  This book illustration thing is a big part of why I haven’t done more with Zomblobs! lately, but I’ll be hitting it more in the near future.  If nothing else, I have some game design blathering to do.

Until then, may your Halloween dreams be haunted by black cats with eyepatches.

Black Cats And Spaghetti Cover

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This might seem a little odd, drawing attention to a book I haven’t read, but I stumbled across this today, and thought a few of you might appreciate it:


It’s a steampunk zombie tale, set in the Seattle area (northwest U.S.).

And it’s on sale at the moment.

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