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We’re conducting a bit of an experiment, and you’re all invited. We’ve created a java Minecraft server to play on, specifically geared as a Creative world to let people practice building without the grind to acquire goods.

This is a G-rated family sort of server, meant for those who love to build and explore. It will run on a white list for now, and we reserve the right to change the list if troubles are found. We are using a handful of CurseForge mods, mostly to expand the available list of biomes and blocks, as well as some additional animals. We have a Discord server to facilitate communications and coordinating builds.

We would love to see cooperative ventures, curious builds and people just having fun, all in the spirit of exploration and construction. Yes, yes, some people love griefing, PVP and such shenanigans. That’s not really what we’re about here, this is meant to be a relaxing, recreational, and maybe even educational experience.

I’ll be playing as Silvertesh on the server. If you’re interested, you’ll need to get set up with CurseForge and get on our whitelist. Please ping me at my contact email, tae6h@hotmail.com, with the email topic including the term “Azuria”, and I’ll send you the CurseForge modpack profile you’ll need (a small .zip file you’ll load into the CurseForge client to make sure you’re using the right mods), the server address and Discord invite. Please remind me in that email how you found this invitation and/or how you know me, and your profile name in Minecraft so we can whitelist you, and we’ll see about getting you involved!

We’re not sure how many players we’ll be able to support, so first come, first serve, and again, this is an experiment. It’s working at the moment, and we’re using ShockByte to host the files, so it ought to be stable, but we’ll see how this all shakes out.

Thank you!



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I took a recent trip to see my sister’s family in southern Utah.  En route, I put my new camera through some paces.

First, taking photos at 80 miles per hour through the window of a van usually produces little more than a blur, but this surprised me.  I counter-moved the camera as we went past a rock wall, and hoped for a decent shot.  This is what came of that little experiment.  The diagonal focus band is what really surprised me, and this is one of my favorite images from the trip.

rocks by road at 80 mph

Then there’s the rather largish gas station that is, well… abandoned.  The sunshine went dark, I guess.  Just my sort of playground.  There’s more at the Picasa site for this, but here are a couple of my favorites.

Sunshine Station Close

Looking Up

Last but not least, there’s the little burned tourist trap shack by the Cove Fort gas station.  It was built to look like an old log cabin, but it’s suffered some hard times.  Naturally, this makes for some great photos.  (Again, more at the Picasa site.)

Burned Panel

Burned Door

Now, to plan some other trips to see some natural wonders and ghost towns.  Maybe even Yellowstone someday.  It’s not that far away.

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