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Just something else I’ve been working on.



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I’ve been busy working on… too many projects.  I’ll have a Zomblobs! “patch” up here closer to the weekend, though.  Remember, the beta is over thisaway, and I’m looking for feedback.  Please let me know what you think and ask me any questions you might have!

In the meantime, here’s an eeeeevil Death Kitty I drew and painted to, er… brighten your day.

Death Kitty

Oh, and this is the rune I plopped under his feet.  I’ve long loved constructing Celtic knots, and this was fun to work out.

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I’m still working on the cat illustrations.  Here are some quick critters I pulled out of the sketchbook.  As usual, the links lead to BIG versions, if you want to see them.  These were all done with a ballpoint pen in a Strathmore sketchbook.  Copyright to me, of course, so don’t go swiping stuff, or the black cats may come after you.

Witch Cat

Zombie, Jedi, Pirate, Cowboy, Codger

Zombie, Jedi, Pirate, Cowboy, Codger

Ghost, Pirate Upgrades, Clown, Witch broom

Death Knight Cat

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Trick and Treat

First, the treat:

Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat

(Yes, it’s actually a sneak preview of the book I’m illustrating for my mother.  Way too much going on, and we wanted to have it done by now, but we’re angling for Christmas completion instead.  Life does that sometimes.)

And then the trick:  A Puzzle Pirates thread from a while back where I show my “tricks of the trade” for how I do this sort of thing.  I’ve linked to this before, I think, but it fits nicely here as well.  One day, I’ll do another one of these for a piece that I’m working on for the book.

Tesh’s Tech and Tricks

Yes, this is a bit late for Halloween, but when you move to a new house and your internet connection gets lost in the aether, schedules tend to go out the window.

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