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I had no idea this was in the works.  Sneaky ninjas.

The Indie Royale guys have a new bundle up of NinjaBee games, four with a fifth if you beat the minimum price.  I’ve worked on four of these, though, admittedly, only on a phone port for Outpost Kaloki, not the original game.  Cloning Clyde was done before I joined the Wahoo/NinjaBee team, as was the original Outpost Kaloki.

Still, I did a few bits of the art for Ancients of Ooga, a fair bit of art for Band of Bugs, and a lot of art for A Kingdom for Keflings.  (Oh, and we’re working on more DLC for the sequel, A World of Keflings, as a result of this contest from a little while ago.)

So yeah, go check it out, y’all!  It’s hard to beat the price on these.  Am I shilling for my company?  Yes, yes I am.  They are good games, too, and ones I’d recommend as great indie titles anyway.  I have a soft spot for Band of Bugs especially, tactical game nerd that I am.

Oh, and speaking of ninjas and hidden secret things, I’ll come back to that “hidden” photo from last post.  There’s an art point I want to make with it, but I’ll let it sit for the weekend.

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Cloning Clyde

Our company’s Cloning Clyde game released on Steam!  Finally, my four-year-old’s favorite XBox game can be played on the PC.  It’s a fun platformer with a delightfully weird sense of humor.  The clone mechanic and DNA splicing make for some great platforming.

It’s even on sale at the moment, though the baseline price of $5 isn’t all that painful to start with.

Cloning Clyde

Of course, maybe that means that now she’ll want the PC even more, what with Minecraft and Cloning Clyde on the system.  Maybe I’m getting punted to the XBox after all.  Hrm…

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