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Snowflakes are a seasonal craft around here.  Using my aforementioned Snowflake Seeds, my little family makes a variety of snowflakes to decorate our windows.  This year, I tried something a little different… a steampunk snowflake:

Steampunk Snowflake 1.0

I wasn’t sure that it would work… and I could do a lot more detail with a laser cutter… but for an experiment, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’m obviously cheating on the spans, and I’ll make one with better meshing teeth later.  It really should get the brass and grunge treatment, but the shape is what’s important for this initial test.  I’d really love to make one with working gears via Shapeways… maybe once I can carve out a bit more time.

Happy holidays!

Edited to add:  Now, with more sense!  This version of the Gearflake has one more gear at the center, and the shape is entirely gears, no support struts like the first one.  Way too much fun to make these, I tell you.  The great part is that they don’t need any weird laser cutting tools, you can do these just with paper and scissors.  All the cuts come in from the sides of the snowflake seed.  (I’ve got a picture around here somewhere of the folded/cut versions of these…)  Sure, the gears aren’t machine precise, and there are errors thanks to the paper folding thickness… but still, these are great to see take shape.

Gearflake 2.0

This is the pattern to make the Gearflake 2.0.  Once you have the snowflake seed wedge, you take this pattern (maybe fudging the teeth if you want it a little more precise) and cut out the dark parts.  Leave the blue-grey parts.

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you’re here from epbot.com.  Many thanks for the link!

Gearflake 2.0 Pattern

…aaand here’s version 3.0.  Each iteration comes with another layer of gears.  I’m running into cutting resolution issues and slight warping (though that can be cleaned up with iteration), so I’m not sure if I can go a layer deeper.  I guess we’ll find out.  The basics are simple enough, alternating sides for each successive gear arc when plotting them out on the ‘seed, as you might note on the 2.0 pattern.  I’m sure I could use Illustrator or even Photoshop to nail down some more precise gearwork… these have been just arcs I’m guesstimating by hand.

This is probably way more fun than it should be.  It’s just papercutting after all… but it’s also math, art and a little bit of whimsy.  I love playing in that space.  It’s a somewhat eclectic Venn intersection, but it’s satisfying to see things come together.  Left brain-right brain combinations and all that.

Gearflake 3.0

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Dyed Dice

I posted about these over on the Shapeways forums, but I neglected to show them off here.  The paint job isn’t done yet, but I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.  (These are the dice I noted over thisaway, my Gearpunk dice, with freshly fixed D24 over on Shapeways.)

Starting out in white plastic…

Gearpunk Dice Set

I used RIT cloth dye (the white printouts are actually a nylon plastic, and the RIT dye work on nylon), a plastic spoon and a plastic cup.  I never did really get the water boiling (I just used hot tap water and 30 seconds in the microwave every six minutes or so), but I kept stirring the dice in the hot water for about a half hour.  In retrospect, I probably should have dyed them again to get a darker color (and I should have used a brown instead of black, which just turns out purplish), but they are dark enough to contrast well with the bronze acrylic paint I’m using to pick up the highlights.

Dice Dyed Painted

…they do look better under different lighting, and in person.

Dyed Painted Gearpunk Dice

I’m obviously not done yet with the big dice, but I’ll get there after doing all of my other projects.  I really want to get Zomblobs! into playtest form within a week, and I still need to make Shapeways see my other signet rings I made.  (Healer and Cat glyphs in the druid rings.)

Oh, and I finally pulled the trigger and bought RIFT from Steam’s sale this morning.  Maybe I’ll play it sometime next year.  I do want to give it a shot, but life is kinda busy at the moment.

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