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I just saw this over at Lum’s place (Broken Toys) and had to share.  From this article:

Crafty That

If the key to success in your game is tedious repetition, you are not a game designer. You are a torture expert.


That sums up many of my concerns not only with WoW, crafting and MMOs in general, but also the recent “Facebook games” GDC kerfluffle.  I’d add that “success in your business model” is another valid phrase to slot in there.

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Just another collection of interesting game design related links.  I found them interesting enough to want to have access to them again, but time is short enough that I don’t have time to do a full writeup on each.  (And some may not necessarily merit such treatment.)

These are tucked behind the More link to keep the main page organized.


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Michael Stackpole’s “I, Jedi” book is my favorite novel in the Star Wars Extended Universe.  (Let us not speak of the travesty that they call The New Jedi Order.)  It’s an intriguing look at what it might be like to adopt the Jedi code, and how one adapts to using the Force and living as a Jedi Knight.

I never played Star Wars Galaxies.  I’m not sure if there was a similar sense of responsibility and power that was attached to the Jedi character class.  I hope there was, just like I hope that the lore is treated well in the Bioware MMO, Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  Being a Jedi should mean something beyond having a fancy lightsaber and an emo cloak.  (Yes, this means that I think George Lucas didn’t quite treat the lore all that well, either.  Yes, it’s his baby.  Yes, I’m a fan of what I think it could be, not what it has become.  Too bad.)

I want an I, Jedi experience from Bioware.  I want to know what it’s like to be a Jedi, not just some dude who takes turns trading lightsaber blows with some Sith NPC.  (Seriously, trading hits with a lightsaber?  Am I the only one getting serious Monty Python Black Knight flashbacks?)

I want to build my own lightsaber.

That is, I want to go through the entire process, like Corran Horn did.  I want a personalized piece of machinery, tuned to perfection for my abilities, and suiting my tastes.  I don’t want a generic Trainee lightsaber that I can only tune by swapping in some gems of +5 Rancorslaying.  I want to go hunting down an exotic monster’s horn, hollow it out and put the emitter in it, give it mother of pearl inlay and obsidian buttons, and install a secret compartment or two for when I get my MacGyver itch.  Or maybe scavenge a droid’s arm and make myself a unique hinged lightsaber.  I definitely want a dual phase blade.

In short, I want player-driven crafting in SWTOR, and I want craftsmanship and individuality to mean something.  Surely that’s something Bioware can do, right?

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There’s an interesting article up over on Massive.com:

Leveling Content

The assertion is that leveling content is more important than the endgame, both from a business perspective and from the player’s perspective.  As a content nut, disgusted with subscription treadmills, I am sympathetic to this view.

Yet, what if your MMO design is all about the endgame sort of play?  Specifically, what if you do not have leveling, and are counting on an interesting economy and a series of minigames to keep people playing?  Something like a Puzzle Pirates, or the theoretical Harvest Moon Online?  Why do MMOs have to be about the leveling content at all? (more…)

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