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Welcome back from the weekend!  We’re looking a little shy of the goal, and I’m sorry.  I just haven’t hit that magic sweet spot of talking to enough and/or the right people and hitting a viral sweet spot.  I’m very grateful for all of your support thus far, and I’m going to continue to spread the word where I can.

Tinker Dice

If this campaign doesn’t work out, we’ll work with the numbers under the hood and reboot it.  Maybe I can find another company to produce the plastic dice to the specs I’m looking for at a lower base price.  We might even split this into two different campaigns, one for the plastic dice and one for the metal dice, since those seem to be appealing, and they have a lower base price.  (Though I do wonder… Gearpunk metal dice or Tinker metal dice?  Thoughts?)

In the meantime, though, I’m still spreading the word, and thank you again for your support and interest!

Oh, and because it might be of interest to you, please go check out this campaign that a friend of mine is running for custom dice and accessories.  He and his cohorts are doing excellent work with their laser wizardry:

Daft Dice

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