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I’ve seen this pop up in a few places, and figured it might interest some of you.

DriveThruRPG is offering a package of PDF downloads for various RPGs as a way to generate funds for Haitians dealing with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

If you’re a cold hearted capitalist, this is a fantastic deal to get some good source material for tabletop RPG play.  Take advantage of the situation, you big meanie.

If you’re one of those soft-hearted bleeding heart carebear nice guys, the money they are taking in for this promotion goes to help people who need it.  You selfless prig.  (Oh, and they are donating to that unwashed bunch of hippes, the Doctors Without Borders.  Internationalist dogooders.)

So, for $20 you can champion your cause, whether it’s selfish capitalization of tumultuous times, or trying to help people when all you have is a checkbook.

Who said gamers only want to kill things?

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