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I love Stargate.  I don’t enthuse much about it around here because I’ve already got a lot on my plate, and I do try to keep things at least marginally related to game design.  (Yes, yes, I could rant about Stargate Worlds, but they have kind of slipped off of my radar.  Woe is me.)

Still, if you’ve ever had a fandom tingle in your bones for Stargate, especially SG-1 or Atlantis, you might get a kick out of what my little sister did recently:

Chappa Pie

Yes, that’s a very punny riff on the Gou’ald name for the Stargate, the “chappa’ai”.  She’s an English major, so she’s got to get it out of her system now and then.  My little brother is an artist, so of course he had to chip in.

Oh, and yes, I have seen the pie in person, and it’s awesome.  I just wish I’d had a hand in its creation because I like that sort of creativity.

I almost feel guilty for introducing my family to Stargate, considering that they have taken the fandom *coughobsessioncough* WAY past what I’ve ever done (Gou’ald logo design)… but at the same time, there’s just something heartwarming to see my siblings employing their talents and having fun with something that I happen to like too.  I hope that I can do better for my children; give them the good while not sending them off the deep end.

Then again, perhaps this isn’t a surprise, though.  My mother did introduce us all to MacGyver, so SG-1 was a natural successor to the throne.  RDA is the man.

Anyway, go check out her blog.  The pie isn’t the only great part about their party.

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Ysharros pointed out the simple flaw in this post… the pictures I had up for games don’t work. Sometimes, WordPress hates me. I’ll just have to make another Six Shooter article with the game pictures. In the meantime, these are the family pictures.

The rest of these, here glommed into a different format for brevity’s sake (ha!), is a collection of my family. Interested perusers may find my son as a two month old Moogle, my daughter walking along a yellow leaf road, and my lovely wife playing with our dear children. I might even have a picture of me in there, which is the primary reason I’m not going through these with much detail. I break cameras, I don’t want to break monitors, too.

I might indulge in another set of family pictures later, so be warned. I don’t want to bore people, but really, these are the most important people in my life, so it’s only natural that they would show up here. I figure that we’ve got a respectful enough set of regulars around here that I’m comfortable enough showing off my family. My wife does maintain a family blog over thisaway, too, so maybe I’ll just post there in the future, but… yes, this is my family. These are the people that make life worth living, and who I strive to take care of by doing all this game design, trying to carve out a profitable niche.

Thanks for stopping by, all!

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If you’re my brother in law or my “RL” friend, don’t read the rest of this until after Christmas.  It’ll just spoil the surprise.  Of course, if you don’t mind that… (more…)

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