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Edit: Update!  My “final” word on Atlantica Online is here:

Atlantica Online: Review and Summary


I’ve written about Atlantica Online a fair bit recently.  I’ve played Puzzle Pirates for the last two and a half years, and written about it in various places.  Both are a breed of MMO that eschews the subscription business model, and I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly.  They are good examples of two alternates to subscriptions, and I think both will be successful… but I do think that Puzzle Pirates has a clear edge.

I’ve written before about the natural balance of demand and supply as it applies to MMOs.  Item Shops and Dual Currency systems (IS and DC henceforth) provide ways for real world cash to balance the time investment of other players, and for the company to monetize demand and support their game without subscription fees. (more…)


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Edit: Update! My “final” word on Atlantica Online is here:

Atlantica Online: Review and Summary


So, I’ve written what, four articles about Atlantica Online?  I happen to really like the game.  There’s more that I want to write, I just have to make time for it.

Yet… I goofed.  The first two articles I wrote were while the game was in open beta.  Now, I’m not sure, but I think that I may have breached an agreement not to talk about the game during that period.  Oops. (more…)

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SWTOR cost?

I’ve written about SWTOR before, illustrating my trepidation regarding the unholy marriage of Bioware’s storytelling and the relatively mindless MMO genre. Perhaps it’s just delusional, but I think I found a happy place to hope for in regards to the whole project.

Bioware loves story. I love story. MMOs as a genre aren’t amenable to strong stories, since they are ostensibly meant for players to tell their own stories, and they benefit from a static world that people can call home. Bioware has stated that their work on the SWTOR MMO will be the rough equivalent of several single player Bioware RPGs, with each class having a storyline.

What if they sold the game that way?


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Or: “Microtransacting your World of Warcraft”

Tobold made mention of this little gem, and since he called it to my attention, I’ve seen it in other places. I’ve always loathed the subscription model. I offer no pretense on that subject. To me, a casual player, it just doesn’t offer a good enough value for the cost. Other players (who usually have more time than money) love the sub model. So… what is Blizzard thinking? Is this potentially the best of both worlds, and if so… is it so for the player or the company?

***warning, this is a fairly long one*** (more…)

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Paying Attention?

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blathering with breaking news:

The international banking establishment is built on lies and confidence schemes. Somebody pointed out the Emperor’s lack of attire, and we are now in the middle of a run on the banks, worldwide. Hope you have your food storage! Bread and circuses for everyone!

We now return you to your scheduled blathering.

…which may be delayed due to technical difficulties…

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In MMO parlance, we gained a level!  Yay, USA!

National debt exceeds 10 trillion

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I happened upon this little gem today:

WoW can haz free?

They link to an article that suggests that Blizzard has spent $200 million to date (five years so far) on keeping WoW up and running. That seems like a lot (and it is), but compared to the revenue they are likely bringing in with over ten million subscribers at around $15/month ($9 billion over five years, or $1.8 billion per year), that’s a surprisingly small amount. Now, non-Americans don’t pay as much as we do for a few reasons, and they haven’t had that many subscribers for the whole five years, so that total is probably closer to, say, $2-3 billion or so, but still… yikes.

I’m not sure I can take those assertions at face value, (more…)

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