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Free NinjaBee Games

To counteract the whining (which was nice to purge, to be sure, but not really constructive), there’s this great news from the company I work for, NinjaBee Studios:

Free NinjaBee Games

It’s today only, and iPhone only, but hey, free games are free games!  Also, I worked as the primary artist on these games.  They are ports, so most of what I did was reduce poly count and texture sizes (including redesigning some models to look good with minimal art assets), but I also did some brand new UI work.  These are *my* babies, in a way, and it’s nice to see them get out there and have fun.


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Tip o’ the tam o’shanter to Zoso over at Killed in a Smiling Accident for this one:

Four for Free

So not only are they rebooting the MechWarrior franchise (with the Jordan Weisman neck deep in the process), but they are offering MechWarrior 4 for free.  Like the offering of MechCommander 2 before it, this is good news.  Some do consider MW4 to be a pretty weak entry in the lineage, but hey, a free game that was once a commercial release is worth at least checking out, especially for this BattleTech fan.

Now, if MS would just get the file download set up already

And yes, this is probably a scheme to show that there is demand for a new MechWarrior.  So… maybe I’ll download it twice… and send them a few sketches of ‘Mechs in steampunk style…

I can pick out a couple, but it might be fun to do a request or two.  I need to do some more portfolio pieces anyway, in a different style from the book illustrations.  The new MechWarrior looks to be all Inner Sphere ‘mechs, but as far as I’m concerned, pretty much any ‘Mech is open game for steampunking.  (Though if I don’t have the specs and some visuals on it, I may request such for reference.)

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WoW Trial

Cap’n John kindly responded to the screenshot meme a bit ago, turning up some great moments.  As an added bonus, Saylah made a comment that triggered an interesting thought.  To quote Saylah:

“WOW certainly was the shiznit as they say. There’s NO denying how much fun I had in that game back in the day. My favorite zones were so much fun that I could probably start a new character, run thru them again for the 10th time and still have fun. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in doing what comes after level 20 in WOW anymore.”

The current WoW trial is a ten day, rather limited beastie.  What would it do to the game to make the “trial” a perpetual free trial like Wizard101, and further, if mailbox and AH functionality were restored?

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