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Steam has had a fun little promotion going on for the holidays again this year.  I didn’t spend much money on games, since I already have most of what I want and far more than I have time for.  Still, it was fun to see what they had up for sale, and to try some of their challenges for their promotion.  I even wound up tying Sanctum (that I purchased a while back in an Indie Royale sale) to my Steam account to try for that Achievement, hoping for a useful coupon (I got the Solar 2 one that way).

Short story long, I now have a handful of coupons and a pair of games to give away, and nobody obvious to give them to.  (I’m keeping the lumps of coal.)

Steam Stuff

For the next few hours, Terraria and the Portal games are on deep discount (and I highly recommend Portal and Portal 2), so those coupons aren’t much use at the moment, but they will be someday.

So… how to decide who to give them to?

Well, for Cogs, a great little sliding tile puzzle game with delightful steampunky overtones, how about this?  Whomever makes the gearflake that my panel of elite judges likes the most will win Cogs.  Instructions for how to make a gearflake are in my Steampunk Snowflake post from a little while back, but don’t just take that pattern, try something new, a variation on the theme of “gears and snowflake”.

For World of Goo, a fantastic puzzle/building game, I’m looking for a good practical way to make some goo of my own, for some Zomblobs! promotional experiments.  The person who finds me the best recipe for homebrew goo suited for my use will win the game.  Specifically, I’m looking for some sort of goo that’s partially translucent, mostly gelatinous, but able to hold a shape well enough that it could be used as a board game piece, about the size of a standard chess pawn.  Sort of a stronger, more durable JELL-O, nontoxic, of course.  I’ll need to be able to put it into a mold for shaping, so it will need to be mostly liquid but be able to “set” and be removed easily from a mold (so the final surface can’t be sticky, and it shouldn’t stick to a plastic or ceramic mold).

As for the coupons, as specific as they are, it’s probably best to just say that whomever speaks up first for a specific coupon will get it.

Entries for the Cogs and World of Goo contest should be sent to my contact email, tishtoshtesh in the gmail system.  If you’re the first one to speak up for a coupon (speak up here first, then if you’re first, email me), please send your Steam handle to me at that same email, and I’ll get in touch.

For all of these, it looks like I’ll need to be logged into Steam and so will you to perform the trade (really just me giving you the widget), so it may take a few days or so to get the timing right, just because of scheduling, but I’ll do what I can, again, communicating via that gmail address.

Entries for the game contests have until January 15th, but the coupons are up for grabs immediately.

Happy New Year!

2012 should be a good year.  It’s either the end of the world or the release of Zomblobs! and either should prove interesting.  (I’m still formatting the rulebook PDFs for the Zomblobs! beta.  I meant to have it done last week, but circumstances prevented it.)

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I may as well keep up the theme, right?

Katelyn Olmstead, the Community Manager over at the Allods Online branch in English, emailed me last week in response to my exploratory picture album of the game.  It turns out that she actually likes what I whipped up, and would like to see if it’s possible to get the word out about Allods Online a bit more.  I like the game, despite my reservations, and I would also like to see it get a bit more press.

To that end, she suggested that they could give some beta access keys away via Tish Tosh Tesh, and maybe even answer some questions about the game in an interview format.  (FCC disclosure:  I get nothing out of this deal but some answers to questions and maybe a few more readers.  FDA disclosure:  No food was harmed in the writing of this post.)

My humble abode here isn’t much of a soapbox, but hey, a chance to peek a bit behind the curtain (must… resist… metallic… reference…) is always a bit of fun.  In that vein, I’m taking her up on both of her offers, and in the finest “Will It Blend” tradition, seeing what happens when I mix the two.

So, if there is something any of you want to ask Katelyn in her position as Community Manager, please ask it in the comments down below.

I’ll send the bunch of them to her next weekend (or earlier if the comments drop off) and see what sticks.  She obviously can’t answer some questions, and I reserve the right to add some of my own and excise inappropriate ones (though such will likely never see the light of day in the comments anyway; I’m mean and dictatorial that way).  If you’re interested enough to ask about the game, and want a beta key, well, the list of people who submit good questions may well line up nicely with those who get a beta key.  (Since numbers may vary, I’m not making promises… just noting that they want to give away keys, and I want to see some good questions; those seem like a good match.)

If nothing else, I’ll come up with a list of questions.  Allods Online looks like a game well worth investigating, and I’m going to take this opportunity and run with it.  If you’re interested, here’s a chance to poke around.

Oh, and I fully intend to attribute questions as well as I can to those who asked them.  If you have a blog or portfolio site you want some attention for, I’ll link to it in the Q&A column with your name, if you’d like.  Proper attribution and promotion and all that…

Thanks in advance!

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One Week Left

We’re one week in on the great Arthas Novel Giveaway contest, and there is one week left!  Hundreds of article hits thanks to what I’ll call the Big Bear Bump* (many thanks, BBB!), and um… not as many entries.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on a very lightly used (read once, Mint condition) Arthas: Rise of the Lich King hardbound novel, there’s still time.

Besides, who doesn’t like sounding off and offering an opinion of what someone else should do in World of Warcraft?

*Here it is, the Big Bear Bump (more traffic in a day than I usually see in a week… I’m glad that the word got out, and by all means, if anyone else knows of a good place where there might be interest in a free Arthas novel, link ’em in; the more the merrier):

Big Bear Bump

Big Bear Bump

Oh, and no, that’s not a desperate plea for more attention for the blog on the whole, even though I could get snarky about the recent Tobold “commentgate” kerfluffle.  Yes, I’d love to see more entries for the contest, but this blog is first and foremost just a bunch of tish tosh, and any reader beyond me is a bonus.  I’m glad to get some great comments here and there, but this is far from a day job or popularity contest.

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