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Harvest Moon Drive

I happened across this street sign a bit ago, and couldn’t resist showing it here, considering our Harvest Moon discussions.



Interesting that the Court is a dead end, but the Drive plows on through.  There’s probably some deep meaning to that… but I’m not sure what it is.

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Farming for Fun

I’ve written here and there about a hypothetical Harvest Moon Online MMO, spurred by the initial mention of such by Capn’ John.  I see a lot of potential in an MMO that takes crafting and the economy to new levels, and I’ve perceived the Harvest Moon IP as a great way to express that idea in shorthand.  Thing is, I’ve not actually played any of the games, I’ve just watched them from the outside and had friends rave about them while explaining the mechanics.

So I borrowed Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.  I want to know what this is really all about.  I started a new file, met the old groundskeeper, got the grand tour, claimed a lost puppy, met the neighbors, then went to bed, only to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning… to do chores.  Wait, whut?  (more…)

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There’s an interesting article up over on Massive.com:

Leveling Content

The assertion is that leveling content is more important than the endgame, both from a business perspective and from the player’s perspective.  As a content nut, disgusted with subscription treadmills, I am sympathetic to this view.

Yet, what if your MMO design is all about the endgame sort of play?  Specifically, what if you do not have leveling, and are counting on an interesting economy and a series of minigames to keep people playing?  Something like a Puzzle Pirates, or the theoretical Harvest Moon Online?  Why do MMOs have to be about the leveling content at all? (more…)

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