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This is my 600th post.  Seems like it ought to be an occasion of some sort.  So let’s see… Dice, Rats and Dragons, Oh, My!


I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign for my “Rusty Fudge” Tinker Dice and their siblings (I have the numbered designs, fudge designs and a lead on metal and plastic printers).  Yes, it’s not the BIG campaign for the playing card deck, but that’s still in the pipe, I’m just ramping up to it.  In the meantime, there are a handful of reasons I’m doing the dice first.  At least, once I get the last few bits of paperwork sorted out.

One, it’s smaller in scope ($3,000 primary goal), so I’m hoping it is fulfilled and then I can make sure I know how to make the whole process work, start to finish.  It seems relatively straightforward… but that’s why I want to take a run at it.  There’s always something unexpected, and I’d like to iron that out with less on the line.

Two, I’m trying to build a good KS reputation before launching the bigger card campaign.  I’ve backed a handful of things over the last year, but it seems important to branch out a little bit.

Three, the dice can be a part of the card campaign as extra spice to liven things up a little bit.  I’ve seen other deck Kickstarters included custom dice as part of the whole package, and it’s a nice little option… but I don’t want to roll the dice production into the card campaign.  I’d like to keep the card campaign a bit more focused, especially since I’d like to offer a sister deck with the alternate backs and face cards, and that seems like a big enough stretch goal to make dice a distraction.  If I have the dice already made, I can just add them in for flavor.

Four, well, I’d like to see my custom dice out in the wild and making people happy.  I think they are a good design and a unique offering.  No, the world technically doesn’t need more dice, or more pointedly, more steampunkish dice, but if I’ve learned anything about gamers, it’s that what we do and what we have fun with isn’t really necessary, but it makes life better.  This is art, and I do believe it has an important place in keeping us from going crazy.  It’s a luxury, really, but what’s life if you can’t take time to stop and do something whimsical once in a while?


I’m still quite fond of Bret Airborne, as I enjoy puzzle games with RPG twists.  Lo and behold, Muckbeast and Frogdice have a new game in the works in their Tower of Elements vein.  Their Kickstarter campaign for Dungeon of Elements is running now, and it’s looking pretty good.  Instead of a “Match-3” core, it’s Dr. Mario flavored.  I’m a fan of that game and of Sailing in Puzzle Pirates, so Dungeon of Elements looks like it ought to be good fun.  I’ve backed it, and I’m really looking forward to playing the game.  The team is good about updating the project and showing off new wrinkles, so it’s fun to see what they keep offering, like the latest video showing a “boss” rat and his minions and how to defeat them with poison pills.  It’s not exactly “kill ten rats”, but hey, rats are traditional!


Another impending Kickstarter project, Havok and Hijinks, is on my radar as well.  I’ve been dabbling in board and card game design for years now, and I’ll make it more serious at some point (especially if the dice and card projects work out), so it’s interesting to see fellow bloggers have a go at it.  Ferrel of Epic Slant  is behind this one.  I’m a sucker for dragons and family friendly games, so this one hits a sweet spot for me and mine.  I’m even indulging in a bit of fan art, which I’ll show when it becomes relevant and presentable.  I’m a Fire Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, so how can I resist this sort of fun?

Oh, My!

I have a lot on my plate.  This Kickstarter stuff is kicking the stuffing out of my spare time.  In a couple of weeks, my wife will deliver our fourth child, right around when our oldest turns 7.  We’re finishing our basement.  We’re making an irrigation system for our garden.  Summer is here, and the kids want to go play.  We might go to Goblin Valley.  I will take photos… lots of photos.  Life is busy.  Good busy, but busy.

Apologies for not really diving into video game design as much as I’ve done in the past.  I still study it, snark about it and wax long in thought about it, but blogging about it has slipped down the priority list.  So has playing video games, for that matter, to my mild chagrin.  So it goes, this “life” thing.  I’m looking forward to more of it.

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