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Lar deSouza, artist for the Looking for Group webcomic has a trio of YouTube videos walking through what he does for the comic.  It’s a great series for anyone interested in the crafting of comic art.

Part One (sketching and layout)

Part Two (inking and cleanup)

Part Three (coloring and polish)

I’ve written before about how I do my avatar art for the Puzzle Pirates folk, effectively “draw, cleanup, color, shade, polish”.  It’s pretty much the same process as what he does in those videos, just without the inking phase and with fewer layers.  Lar does more shading and highlight passes for greater depth.  If you want some text to go with the pretty pictures, check out my walkthrough, where I go a bit more into detail on some aspects.

The biggest difference is the inking step.  He works like most comic artists, inking over the sketches to make the product crisper and cleaner.  I just take the sketch and work with it.  It’s a stylistic choice, really.  I like to preserve the fluidity and texture of my sketches.  It’s a bit like the Xerox animation production process of Disney’s animated 101 Dalmations; there’s just a different feel to the art.  There’s no One Right Way to do it, though.

Neither of us really go into the whole “this is how you do art”, delving more into methodology and processes, so it’s not going to be something you can take as a complete newbie and mimic right out of the gates, but still, seeing how someone else produces their art can be instructive.  (And if there’s interest, I can do a walkthrough on that Halloween cat, much like the monkey over at the PP forums.)

So yeah, nothing really earth shattering, but I found it interesting, and wanted to share.

*back to work*

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