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Or, My Articles I Wish More People Had Read.  Y’know, just in case you’re not familiar with Ye Ol’ Archives. Since I feel like I’m repeating myself all too often, I may as well point to the old stuff. Oh, and please feel free to comment on them, too. I’ll pick up where they left off and keep the conversation going. In the meantime, I’ll just step aside and see whatever other lint I can find whilst I continue navel-gazing…

On choice and agency:

Freedom vs Control

Mongolian BBQ

My Way or the Right Way

Choose Your Own Adventure

On game design:

Apple Picking

Setting the Scene

Chekhov’s Curtains


EMMO (My favorite “proposal” article)

Death Unhinged

Broken or Brilliant

Autopilot Character Development

Channeled Chaos

A Secret of Mana

Vestigial Design

Making Mistakes

Balance Part 1: Tao of Picasso

Balance Part 2: Asymmetry and Art

Balance Part 3: Systems, Defaults and Munchkins

Balance Part 4: Triangles, Trinity and Triage

Balance Part 5: Tick Talk Time

Replayability and Keeplayability

Keeplaying Through

Resolution, Restriction, Renaissance

Candyland, Choice, Complexity and Chaos

Game Design Experiment: 7DX

Full Spectrum Challenge

Abandoning Good Old Games

Teuber on Games

Mix and Match Magic

Always Designing, Always Asking

Perchance to Die

Enough is Enough

It’s My Party

Turning Back Time

Self Sufficiency and Sociality

Rogue Tauren

On specific games:

Professing Layton (if only there were more games like these)

How Minecraft Ruined World of Warcraft

Fun Flash

Good Old Gaming

Puzzle Quest Galactrix

Old School Review: Master of Magic

On the game industry:

I Can Afford It

Those Who Can’t


On music:

Why Do Hummingbirds Hum?

On art:

Mini Portfolio

Artsy Fartsy

Falling Apart

On my own game design:

Alpha Hex Paper Beta


Oh, and I totally called the World of Warcraft Cataclysm. Sorta. In passing. Hypothetically speaking.

The Old World of Warcraft


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Link Sausage

OK, so it’s a weak pun, but I figured it would go over better than something with SPAM in it.

As might seem apparent, this is more game-related links, complete with tangential rumination, with a smattering of other things (as usual).  These things tend to be compiled over a week or more, so it’s not going to read as cohesively as a dedicated article.  I’ve largely said what I wanted to say about the MMO genre and design, so this sort of tangential discussion will be more common as time goes on.  Repeating myself about MMOs gets old after a while.  And you just can’t talk to some people.


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In the which I throw together a collection of links and comments, with the vague notion that it may be consumable, or at least instructive.  (You should see my Rice Crispie Treat recipe… it’s never the same twice.)


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Just another collection of interesting game design related links.  I found them interesting enough to want to have access to them again, but time is short enough that I don’t have time to do a full writeup on each.  (And some may not necessarily merit such treatment.)

These are tucked behind the More link to keep the main page organized.


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Game Design Grab Bag

A collection of links with some relevance to recent discussions regarding hypothetical MMO game design above and beyond the current state of the genre.  Or, Tesh is busy and isn’t afraid to turn to others who are discussing the same things… (more…)

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