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Because everyone else is?  (Yes, a sample of three means EVERYONE’s doing it, duh. L2Logic, n00b.  Besides, it’s not like gamers have an ego or something…)

The word is “lose”, not “loose”.  Two different words with very different meanings.

If you’re going to use a key twice, make it the space bar, since it still should be TWO spaces after a period, not one.  One just looks retarded, so browsers, stop messing with my spacing, you power-mongering weasels!  I put two spaces in there on purpose, dolts!

Stop Apostrophe Abuse!

Farmville scares me, as a harbinger of the gaming apocalypse, taking the soulless vampirism of gaming to new depths.

I don’t like publishers, just on general principle (even though some actually are good), but especially when they pull dumb stunts.  I like investors and big government (Big Brother?) even less.  Parasites and leeches, along with the rest of the FIRE sector.  (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate… all parasitic, all net drains on an economy.)

Blizzard still doesn’t want my money. Then again, it’s not like Allods understands pricing, either.

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, why isn’t Nick Yee doing anything interesting any more?

Oh, wait…

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