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We received an email this morning from the company producing the Tinker Dice.  They sent us a photo of the first Tinker Pentagear Fudge dice, hot off the press, as it were.  These are plated in nickel.


The funny thing is, the Tinker Pentagear Fudge dice main production run will be entirely in antiqued bronze.  We consciously limited their finish to bronze because they were a  promotional design to coincide with the Mechanika campaign, not our standard dice that we wanted to offer in multiple finishes.

So… these are an oddity, a rarity… something that may never really see the light of day for sales.  (The Mechanika guys may do another print run someday using these, but for now, if I understand the production company correctly, there are only these four and two others in existence.)

But they are still pretty cool, and I wanted to share the photo to show you what they are doing with the designs.  I’m quite happy with their work, and I’m really looking forward to getting all of the dice made and shipped out to everyone.  I’ll share more prototype photos as they come in.


Oh, and as a reminder, we’re approaching the main goal on our sister project, the Tinker Deck, and we’re really looking forward to going for the stretch goal of the Rusty Tinker deck.  Thanks to all of you who have joined that campaign, too!  If you have a minute and the interest, please spread the word about the cards.  We’d love to get them out to as many people as we can, too!

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OK, so over 100 awesome people have blasted through the Tinker Dice base campaign funding goal and hit the first stretch goal in just a little more than 24 hours.


Just… awesome.

As a result, we have before us a fantastic opportunity.  I’ve had my Gearpunk Dice available via Shapeways for a while now, but now, finally, we have the chance to make them in solid metal.  I dreamed of this, but didn’t think it likely.

It might just work.

So if you have the time, please go check out the Tinker Dice campaign on Kickstarter and please spread the word!  The more the merrier, and maybe we can make these Gearpunk dice happen!

Thank you all!

Gearpunk Set

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So, the metal Tinker Dice are funded, and we’re approaching the $2000 mark we need to get the Fudge/FATE dice made in addition to the standard numbered dice.  Exciting times around here!  Thank you again to everyone involved!

Incidentally, here are a pair of articles on that “Fudge” dice thing and the FATE system, in case you were wondering what that’s all about.

Speaking of links, these may also be relevant, while we’re talking dice, gaming and steampunky goodness:

Customized Leather Dice Bags … the WWII designs might be especially relevant, if they unlock the stretch goal for those.  It’s close, but doable.

Dice Bags

WarMachine Tactics … OK, technically, it’s a computer game.  But it’s based on a tabletop game with miniatures and steampunky goodness.  These would be a nice fit to a WarMachine collection… though you’d have to be careful not to hit the minis with the dice.

Daft Dice are producing a variety of dice-related goodies, well worth checking out.  I have one of their prototype wooden dice, and it’s a solid little piece of work.  It’s the strangest die I own, but it’s pretty cool.

…oh, and I’m setting up some new stretch goals, built around my Gearpunk dice, presently over at Shapeways. (OK, technically, this photo uses the alternate D4 instead of the D20, but that’s just because I haven’t finished painting that one.)

Gearpunk Seven Set

Yeah, we can get these in solid metal.  If we get enough interest.  They won’t have these colors, since they will be solid zinc plated with antiqued bronze like the other dice, but the shapes should be as close as the mouldmakers can get them.

Steamroll on!

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Holy schamoley, guys, the Tinker Metal Dice project funded in less than 12 hours!


I’m… floored, and extremely grateful for all of your support!  I’ve been more than a bit preoccupied of late trying to get these things going, and it’s been a humbling and exciting morning for me and my cohorts at Project Khopesh.

Just… wow.

Thank you, very, very much!

We do still have plans in the works for the FATE/Fudge dice, and it’ll be great if we can get those as well, so there’s potentially more good news in the pipe… but man, it’s been a really good day so far.  Thank you to each and every one of you, and I’m looking forward to getting these made up and sent out to you!

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Welcome back from the weekend!  We’re looking a little shy of the goal, and I’m sorry.  I just haven’t hit that magic sweet spot of talking to enough and/or the right people and hitting a viral sweet spot.  I’m very grateful for all of your support thus far, and I’m going to continue to spread the word where I can.

Tinker Dice

If this campaign doesn’t work out, we’ll work with the numbers under the hood and reboot it.  Maybe I can find another company to produce the plastic dice to the specs I’m looking for at a lower base price.  We might even split this into two different campaigns, one for the plastic dice and one for the metal dice, since those seem to be appealing, and they have a lower base price.  (Though I do wonder… Gearpunk metal dice or Tinker metal dice?  Thoughts?)

In the meantime, though, I’m still spreading the word, and thank you again for your support and interest!

Oh, and because it might be of interest to you, please go check out this campaign that a friend of mine is running for custom dice and accessories.  He and his cohorts are doing excellent work with their laser wizardry:

Daft Dice

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