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One more day on the sale for our A Kingdom for Keflings game on the PC!

It’s good to see some of you having fun with it, especially when kids step in.  It really is a great game for almost any age.  Thanks for liking it!


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My Art Director here at work just mentioned our new NinjaBee website, found hereabouts:


We’re also running a sale on A Kingdom For Keflings on the PC.  It’s been a significant hit on XBox Live, and it’s really cool to see it on the PC (especially since it’s the only way I can play it at home)!  Thanks to the guys who took the beta testing plunge when I mentioned it earlier!

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Free NinjaBee Games

To counteract the whining (which was nice to purge, to be sure, but not really constructive), there’s this great news from the company I work for, NinjaBee Studios:

Free NinjaBee Games

It’s today only, and iPhone only, but hey, free games are free games!  Also, I worked as the primary artist on these games.  They are ports, so most of what I did was reduce poly count and texture sizes (including redesigning some models to look good with minimal art assets), but I also did some brand new UI work.  These are *my* babies, in a way, and it’s nice to see them get out there and have fun.

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The company I work for, NinjaBee, has announced our newest game.  It is the best sandbox game that I’ve had the privilege of working on, and well worth looking at if you have a chance:

A World of Keflings

The official company blog announcement

IGN’s preview

And various bits of concept art from the NinjaBee blog.

It’s been a fun game to work with, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it in its final state.  Here’s hoping you all enjoy it too!

(Of course, the irony here is that I still don’t even have an XBox.  I guess I have to play it at work.  I’ll call it… testing.)

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My company’s latest XBox Live game update has finally hit the virtual shelves!

Band of Bugs

It’s been updated with the ability to put your Microsoft XBox avatar in the game as the lead character, and multiplayer is crazy fun with a lot of different avatars.

There’s also a whole new tileset and group of characters in a new storyline (Tales of Kaloki), and since it’s set in space, it changes the game considerably with different tactical attacks and options.  It’s almost a whole new game for a whopping $3 in MS points.  The multiplayer in that mode is a blast as well.

I don’t just say that because I did a significant amount of art on it either.  That’s just a bonus.

Of course, the irony of me promoting a fun game that I’d buy without reserve, while not having a machine to play it on, is not lost on me.  At least I can play it on occasion at the office and actually get paid for it.  (Well, OK, only while I’m technically testing it, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  It’s a fun game!)

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If you are one of those intrepid trendy souls who own an iPhone, you can check out the latest game that NinjaBee has released (these are the guys I work for when I’m not a caped superhero fighting crime in Megatropolis… er…):

Kaloki Adventures

It’s a port of Outpost Kaloki X for the XBox, which itself was a port of Outpost Kaloki, originally for the PC.  It took some shoehorning to make the game work on the iPhone, but I think it was well worth it.  It’s a great little tycoon game, with some quirky, fun characters.  (The Love Story is my favorite expansion.)

I could wax long and winded about the art side of the game (that I spent a lot of time with), but perhaps I’ll just refer you to our company blog post on the development of the game over here:

iPhone Lessons

And hey, if you do try it out or buy the game, please let us know what you think of it.


Oh, and if you have questions on the art, I’d be happy to talk about what we did and how… as long as it’s not proprietary information.  Working in games always means doing more with less (we don’t have the luxury of Pixar-level render farms and making one frame a week), but this particular project really pushed what I thought I could get away with when it comes to making things work.  Previously, I’ve worked on PS2 and XBox360 hardware, so this was a bit of a change.  It was a lot of fun, making things work with an almost minimalist approach.

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