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Perpetuum looks like a fusion of BattleTech and EVE.  “EVE OnLand“, perhaps.  I’m not sure if that’s a fair assessment, so I’m going to go tinker for a little while with their open beta (which starts today!), assuming they let me.  I’m looking forward to it, anyway; I’ve wanted to play a good Mech-flavored MMO for a while now.  (It turns out that Project of Planets wasn’t terribly impressive, but then, it was still under construction when I last checked in.  Maybe it rocks now.)

Now that I’ve got WoW out of my system (thanks, BBB!  Screenshots thisaway…), it’s time to see what I can do with some stompy Mechs.  It’s a subscription game, so I may never have a better chance to see what it’s like.


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I’m of mixed opinion on Allods Online, but I am mostly favorably inclined toward the game.

What they do well, I really like, namely, the lore, the visuals, the interesting class design and character progression, the good writing, the fun exploration, good combat, and perhaps most of all, the business model, at least what I’ve seen of it so far.

And yet, they have some notions about game design that I find rather… unsatisfying, namely, the open world PvP (I detest ganking), the same old DIKU trinity backbone (though it’s more EQ than WoW, what with group focus and crowd control classes) and the use of ships as endgame content reserved for groups.  I think the ships are one significant key to making the game stand out in a saturated market… but I’ve belabored that point already.

In the balance, the game is still fun enough that I want to play it once it goes live (Open Beta starts tomorrow!), and I’ll probably find a good way to give them some money (here assuming the item shop isn’t a complete failure).  It’s just… I can’t help but wish that the game hit all of the high points that I’m looking for.  I wish that it would be all chocolate, no bacon.

And yet… maybe I won’t find a game that does that.  That’s perhaps the biggest problem with a mass market game; it’s designed to appeal to a lot of people, and it’s almost inevitable that any given player will find something that they don’t like.  The trick is to find ways to devour the yummy, yummy bits that you like, while avoiding the greasy, nasty bits.

Of course, that’s all a matter of taste…

In the balance, I’ll be playing Allods Online until I run out of things I find fun, or am overwhelmed by things I don’t like.  I think it will last me a while, though, and for that, I’m grateful.  I wish them well, to be certain, and I maintain that it’s a good game, well worth checking out.  Just… don’t expect perfection.  Look for the good parts, and savor them.

The game will be throwing open the floodgates in their Open Beta February 16th.  Race for the good names!  You wouldn’t want xXKillStealr69Xx to be gone by the time you sign up!

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Allods Online opened up the game to anyone with a free gPotato account until February 10th.  They aren’t exactly calling it the Open Beta, and there’s no word as yet of a pending wipe, but hey, you don’t need a beta key any more, at least for a while.

Have at it, y’all!

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