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Forget that voting nonsense, this is the big news from yesterday:

A Kingdom for Keflings on sale

Why bother electing someone to push you around when you can do the pushing?  Be a giant, control the masses of mindless servants!  For $5, complete with two map packs (XBox DLC), this is a pretty sweet deal.

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Hit the Dirt

So, if Gamasutra is to be believed, this “Dust 514” thing is a new CCP (of EVE Online fame) project that introduces a “dirtside” aspect to the EVE universe, specifically for console gamers.  It’s supposed to be a part of EVE, inasmuch as the “EVE proper” players and the Dust 514 players will have effects on each other, fighting on different fronts in the same war.

That’s a different notion of MMO console/PC cross pollination than I’ve seen so far (including the Champions Online proposed console version, not unlike FFXI’s PS2 version).  If anything, it reminds me a bit of Savage, where you could be a “general” commanding troops in typical RTS form, or a “foot soldier” on the ground, executing the orders firsthand.

I like it.  It’s an interesting idea that lets the devs tailor the gameplay to the hardware and the player base.  PCs and consoles do have significant differences between them, and it’s smart to play to the strengths of each.  I’m not sure if the different sets of players will play nice, or if the intersection will be significant enough to offer some fun interactions.  Still, this looks like a pretty cool idea.

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I like Shamus Young. He’s snarky without being bitter, and unabashedly happy to skewer sacred cows. His latest article up in the Escapist magazine is a great little piece of wordsmithing where he rightfully skewers the false priesthood of the elite gamer clique.

Wii Are The Champions

It’s console specific, but the principles of looking at market growth and sociology are spot-on for the industry as a whole.

I do have to wonder, though.  Speaking of the PC game landscape, where is our Wii?  Is it Kongregate?  Is it Raph Koster’s MetaPlace or Three Rings’ Whirled?  Is it the PC branch of the XNA club?  Is it Armor Games?  On top of that, “Casual” gaming isn’t just Bejeweled, it’s being able to play a game in small bites, remembering that family and real life are a priority over gaming.  We can’t all be WoW addicts living in Mommy’s basement forever.

Speaking of MMOs, where is the WiiMMO?  Is it Free Realms?  Is it Wizard101?  Is it Puzzle Pirates?  When will MMO devs realize that they don’t have sole claim on our money or our timeGhostcrawler seems to at least pay the idea lip service, but savvy consumers are learning (again) to pay attention to deeds, not words.  Call it the fallout of the Obama election, what with more Keynesian bailouts and Tax Cheat Timothy Geitner enforcing the idea that it’s the foxes in charge of the henhouse, and the foxes are brain dead.  Wrath of the Lich King is more casual friendly, but Blizard still has an unhealthy amount of grind and won’t leave the sub model.

The subscription model will always be fine for some people, and will no more need to be shelved than single player games will die out.  It does, however, need to be shown as the false god that it is, and devs and money monkeys alike need to find ways to offer greater value and actually earn their keep.

Will the WoW/WAR/AoC fanboys finally grow a brain and realize that RMT and microtransactions aren’t the end of the world?  It’s called market maturation.  I know, there’s a whole generation of idiots that thinks “mature” means “boobs and blood”, but the industry needs to grow up, as do the gamers.

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