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Guild Wars 2 is out, and apparently awesome.  I’ll get it someday, money and time are tight at the moment, but in the meantime, Syl has some great comments up on the game.  Others do too, I’m sure, I’ve just been out of the loop lately.  GW2 is the sort of game that sounds like something I want to play (I loved the first one), I just… can’t.  Not at the moment.

World of Warcraft‘s latest patch, 5.0.4, came out at the same time (the nefariousness!), and it’s apparently also amazingly awesome.  I’ll play WoW again someday as well.  Probably just by firing up my free account and making a Pandaran, though if I ever revisit my “paid” account, I’ll be happy to see some things like shared mounts and pets.  My daughter will love that she can have her character access the pets I’ve collected on my Tishtoshtesh character.

Oh, and as an aside, I love that Hunters now have no minimum range on their ranged weapons, but the deletion of their melee potential makes me sad.  I wish they had made the Survival tree into a melee-heavy Hunter, sort of like a Warhammer Online White Lion class.  That might spawn a few hundred thousand more Drizzt clones though, I guess.

In the meantime, though, I wanted to share a couple of photos I found that reminded me of WoW.  Y’see, sometimes it’s derided as being “too technicolor” or something of the sort.  Well, so is my home state, sometimes.  And it’s a blasted desert.

A Sea of Purple in the Badlands of Utah

Badlands Bloom by Guy Tal

And then there’s this mini-maelstrom in Hawaii… it’s not quite the size of Darkshore’s sinkhole or The WoW Maelstrom, but I think it looks a lot more impressive for its detail and energy.  And that whole “it’s real” bit.  (Another shot of the area over thisaway, also by Patrick Smith.)

Maelstrom at Kauai, Hawaii

Maelstrom in Hawaii by Patrick Smith

Both of those were featured in this “best photos of 2012” list, which includes some other fantastic photographs.  Go, peruse, enjoy!

When you’re done with that, you could go peruse the archives at the Astronomy Picture of the Day.  There’s a ton of great stuff there.  The shot from this morning even almost fits the theme, looking vaguely like a northern Azerothian badland, complete with some airglow fun.

Airglow over Italy by Tamas Ladanyi

…I wish I had more time for photography, too.  I meant to go to some local ghost towns this summer and look for texture photos and other interesting shots.  Alas, home repair/remodeling and other Stuff ate up my time… and none of those are even done yet.  I probably ought to sleep sometime, too.

…so yeah, I hope you all are having fun in those MMO worlds.  Take some screenshots for me, will you please?

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Rock, Water, Tree

It’s not quite the same dynamic as Rock-Paper-Scissors.  Specifically, I think Rock is losing this one, and while it looks like Trees lost some previous rounds, they are going strong at present:

Rock, Water, Trees

I think I’m going to place my bets on Water, though.  It seems to have better long-term potential.

Gratuitous closeup:

RWT Closeup

I took these pictures a few weeks ago in Provo Canyon, a few miles from home.  I was going to post them earlier with the other tree photos, but I forgot… so hey, bonus belated blog post!

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I work as an artist in the game industry.  My BFA degree is in Computer Animation.  I spend a lot of time creating and critiquing computer graphics.  (And yes, I wish I were working at Pixar.  More accurately, I wish they would establish a studio close to my alma mater so I could work there.)

So when I took a quick look at this:

Stickney Crater

My first reaction was “they have a little UV stretching going on there, they should fix that, it’s sloppy work”.  Of course, it’s a photograph.  (A color enhanced one, but still, that’s a mugshot of dear old Phobos.)

…maybe I really should go back and get that PhD in Astrophysics like I’ve always wanted to.  Or get back to work on those illustrations…

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Harvest Moon Drive

I happened across this street sign a bit ago, and couldn’t resist showing it here, considering our Harvest Moon discussions.



Interesting that the Court is a dead end, but the Drive plows on through.  There’s probably some deep meaning to that… but I’m not sure what it is.

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