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Apparently raiding is fun.  But only some players can do it, despite efforts to open the raid gates to the unwashed masses.  Even though “accessibility” is a swear word for some, and the true Achilles Heel of World of Warcraft, if hyperbole is to be believed.  (Never mind the newbie hose, newbies don’t want to raid.  They would probably do it wrong, too, or maybe they just don’t care about the endgame that they either haven’t heard about or have no hope of ever seeing.)

My solution is simple:

Make raids soloable

Yup, soloable.  If Blizzard is so concerned with getting players to see their content, let them see it already.  (Tangentially, they really aren’t selling content, they are selling access.  If content is important, they should sell content like Guild Wars does and drop the subscriptions, but I digress.)  DDO lets players solo almost every dungeon, and GW does something similar by letting players have computer-controlled associates.  (Notably, both of those games sell content, but I digress again.)

Maybe this means “Battle for the Undercity” buffs.  Maybe it means NPCs shepherding players.  Maybe it means no experience gain or loot drops from these soloable raids, so they are truly just content tourism.  (Speaking as a soloist interested in content, I wouldn’t mind losing the XP potential or loot, since that’s not why I play.)

Of course, I’d also make raids at all levels, not just five man dungeons.

If raids are so important that the game is designed around driving players into them, let’s put players in raids already and stop making it an elite activity that you have to play for months and find a bunch of other players to get into.

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Faction Raids

Just a quick set of questions that I’ve somehow never thought of before now:

If factions (specifically Horde and Alliance) are so important in WoW, why are raids not faction specific?

Why can anyone at the endgame go to any raid?

Do Alliance raiding parties and Horde raiding parties really stand in line outside a dragon’s door, waiting patiently at a shot at the Big Bad, while their sworn enemies are within spitting distance?

Why doesn’t Blizzard use faction specific raids to pad out the playtime even more than they already use alts?

What exactly would be the benefit if faction-specific raids were installed?  (Or even race-specific or mini-faction-specific, say an Argent Crusade Onyxia raid vs. a Dragonflight Onyxia.)

I’m not talking here about midgame instances, I’m talking specifically about a set of unique remixed raids at the “endgame” to extend content use even more.  They may simply be riffs on each other, like Onyxia hanging out in the Sunwell or something like that, giving the opportunity to create new tactics to adapt to new circumstances.  Sort of a “Caverns of Time in a Blender” approach.

Thoughts on a stressful Friday, brought to you by sleep deprivation and inquisitive minds.

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