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Shifting Winds

mpb has an interesting post up on the shifting dynamics behind the copyright system.  With OnLive rattling around in game dev news after the GDC flap, I really do have to wonder how things will play out.

What Will Happen After the Copyright Model is Gone?

Shamus pontificates about OnLive

I’m not really sold on OnLive, as I point out in the comments on Shamus’ site.  When I buy a game, I expect to be able to play it whenever I blasted well please.  That said, the technology is interesting, it just needs a better use.  Like curing cancer or making the Star Trek sick bay.  (No, the holodeck doesn’t count.)

Reading this article that mpb originally linked to, I couldn’t help but see parallels with the economic meltdown we’re living through.  Way too many people are still drinking the koolaid, hoping for the stock market to signal “all is well” again, that they may eat, drink and be merry.  They ignore the systemic cancer that caused this mess, hoping that bandaids and steroids can get the party started again.

The times, they are a’changin’.  Mind yer sails, now, and don’t forget to tack.

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