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Hattip to Larisa for this one.

Avatar Days is an interesting short film about a few WoW players.  It was made in four days.  I really have to applaud what these guys have put together.  I’ve worked on short films (albeit completely digital), and it really does take a fair chunk of work.  There’s nothing earthbreaking here, but it’s a fun spin on the documentary format, and a nice look at some relatively sane WoW players.

Well done, gentlemen!

I can’t help but wonder what a longer piece of work might look like, with less polygonal models and tighter animation matching.  Pity that the Tauren Druid (yay!) didn’t shapeshift.

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This is my favorite short film, and it even beats out a lot of full length films.  It’s a combination of things, primary among them being that I can see myself in this fellow’s position.  I hope it never comes to that, but I’d like to think that my art skills could be put to use, caring for my beloved wife.

I found it thanks to Xoduz, so here’s the link to his place:

World Builder

If you just want to jump to the film on Vimeo, here’s the link:

World Builder on Vimeo

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My boss sent me a link to a fascinating little movie as a research datapoint.  There are a lot of very cool and interesting things happening in this, especially for a technical artist like me.  I keep looking at things, trying to pick apart what is going on, and how I’d replicate it or do it better.  There are some great visuals in this short film, and it would have been a blast to work on it.

One of the more interesting things that popped out at me is that the movie is designed to run on an endless, seamless loop.  As such, it really changed how I viewed the character that the movie “starts” on… but nothing moved, it’s entirely a matter of context and extra revealed information.  It’s a bit like how Shamus described a key character in Bioware’s Jade Empire game; the character is the same one, it’s just the new information that the viewer/player is given changes how you look at the character.

To me, that’s great writing, and I wish we would see more of that in games.

So, without further ado,


(And yes, that’s sort of spoilerish.  Sorry.)

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