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Yes, it’s my birthday.  BioWare must care, since they released Star Wars the Old Republic‘s free to play iteration today.

…but I probably won’t play it for a while.  I still want to give Guild Wars 2 a fair shakedown, but my computer is… not up to the task.  Maybe after I get it repaired.

…right after I sell some more of my older games on eBay so I can afford the parts.  (Turns out I need a new case, hard drive, DVD drive and Windows in addition to the new video card I got, which needed a new power supply, and the random crashes my computer still performed required that new motherboard, CPU and RAM that I got that don’t fit in my old case.  I thought I’d wind up with a Frankenstein mishmash of old and new components, but no, I’m just going to have a new computer built from pieces.  Stupid technology.  Don’t buy HP.)

…right after I finish painting the basement.

…right after I finish mudding and sanding it.

…right after I finish helping my friend with the sheet rock.

…oh, and if I had time, I’d write the first novel in the series I have had planned for years now.  It has something to do with this.  (Which I slipped into my Zazzle store a little while ago.)  Yes, I know it’s that NaNoWriMo or whatever, but, well, I’m short on time.

Project Khopesh

So yes, thanks, BioWare, for the birthday gift!  I might get to it next year.

…right after I finish playing all the games I got from Steam, Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, Indie Royale, GoG.com, OnLive and even Amazon Download.

…right after I finish Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP.

…better make that 2015.

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Steam has had a fun little promotion going on for the holidays again this year.  I didn’t spend much money on games, since I already have most of what I want and far more than I have time for.  Still, it was fun to see what they had up for sale, and to try some of their challenges for their promotion.  I even wound up tying Sanctum (that I purchased a while back in an Indie Royale sale) to my Steam account to try for that Achievement, hoping for a useful coupon (I got the Solar 2 one that way).

Short story long, I now have a handful of coupons and a pair of games to give away, and nobody obvious to give them to.  (I’m keeping the lumps of coal.)

Steam Stuff

For the next few hours, Terraria and the Portal games are on deep discount (and I highly recommend Portal and Portal 2), so those coupons aren’t much use at the moment, but they will be someday.

So… how to decide who to give them to?

Well, for Cogs, a great little sliding tile puzzle game with delightful steampunky overtones, how about this?  Whomever makes the gearflake that my panel of elite judges likes the most will win Cogs.  Instructions for how to make a gearflake are in my Steampunk Snowflake post from a little while back, but don’t just take that pattern, try something new, a variation on the theme of “gears and snowflake”.

For World of Goo, a fantastic puzzle/building game, I’m looking for a good practical way to make some goo of my own, for some Zomblobs! promotional experiments.  The person who finds me the best recipe for homebrew goo suited for my use will win the game.  Specifically, I’m looking for some sort of goo that’s partially translucent, mostly gelatinous, but able to hold a shape well enough that it could be used as a board game piece, about the size of a standard chess pawn.  Sort of a stronger, more durable JELL-O, nontoxic, of course.  I’ll need to be able to put it into a mold for shaping, so it will need to be mostly liquid but be able to “set” and be removed easily from a mold (so the final surface can’t be sticky, and it shouldn’t stick to a plastic or ceramic mold).

As for the coupons, as specific as they are, it’s probably best to just say that whomever speaks up first for a specific coupon will get it.

Entries for the Cogs and World of Goo contest should be sent to my contact email, tishtoshtesh in the gmail system.  If you’re the first one to speak up for a coupon (speak up here first, then if you’re first, email me), please send your Steam handle to me at that same email, and I’ll get in touch.

For all of these, it looks like I’ll need to be logged into Steam and so will you to perform the trade (really just me giving you the widget), so it may take a few days or so to get the timing right, just because of scheduling, but I’ll do what I can, again, communicating via that gmail address.

Entries for the game contests have until January 15th, but the coupons are up for grabs immediately.

Happy New Year!

2012 should be a good year.  It’s either the end of the world or the release of Zomblobs! and either should prove interesting.  (I’m still formatting the rulebook PDFs for the Zomblobs! beta.  I meant to have it done last week, but circumstances prevented it.)

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I’m one of those odd sorts that plays a game like WoW as if I’m a citizen of a world (a role!), rather than as a race to the raiding treadmill.  I make up minigames for myself, or just go wandering around looking for the perfect screenshot (I still need to set up a Picasa portfolio for sharing, come to think of it…).  I even have a Goblinish trend, happy to tinker in the markets, which so far has been supplying the Horde AH with Deadly Blunderbusses with an Orc Hunter Engineering alt… nothing huge, but a fun little way to make some profit fairly easily at a low level.  (I’ll leave the misanthropy to Gevlon, though.)

So when a quirky little game like Recettear comes out and embraces a different aspect of these RPG things, in this case shopkeeping, my interest is naturally piqued.  Tipa mentioned the game a while back, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a sale.  At present, it’s available via Steam and Impulse for preorder for $18ish, 10% off.  I’m sorely tempted to get it, but for now, I’ll be playing the demo.  Maybe I’ll get the whole game in the next few days, depending on how the demo goes.

Still, I applaud these Japanese indie devs for tackling something in a new way, and the intrepid localization team for bringing it to my side of the pond.

It also has me itching once again for some more interesting noncombat options for “careers” in MMOS… but that’s another article for another day.

Update: I went ahead and preordered the game through Impulse.  I think that’s the first preorder that I’ve ever done; usually I wait for sales.  I’m impressed with the game, and I’m even going to use it to teach my four year old a bit about capitalism.  Score one more for the indies!

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Torchlight Sale

Torchlight is on sale via Steam this weekend.

Half price for an already nicely priced game that’s good dungeon crawling fun?

That’s worth dealing with Steam for.

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X-Com Complete

Prowling around on Steam because of this little gem

Defense Grid

I happened upon another interesting offering:

X-COM Complete Pack

I loved the original and Terror From the Deep, though they weren’t perfect games.  Apocalypse didn’t work nearly as well for me, mostly because of the changes in the overland management layer.  Still, those three are worth digging into for archival reasons, if nothing else.  Each sells for $4.99, so getting the pack means picking up two extra games.  Not a bad deal at all.  (Though I’m not sure if those other two are any good… so I can’t speak to that.)

With my mind of late turning more to strategic and tactical gaming, perhaps these are natural fits.  I’d still like to see more tactical and strategic layers to MMO design, but for now, I’ll stick with these and that shiny old Tactics Ogre coming in the mail.  Yummy handheld gaming for this overscheduled daddy.

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