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Appropriately after my last post, I just finished up the Uldum questlines (dungeons aside) in World of Warcraft and then hit level 85 in a random Looking For Dungeon run in the air palace above the south shoreline of Uldum, perhaps appropriately in Cat form, surrounded by the carcasses of bird things.


Yeah, Tishtoshtesh is level capped.

So I went to Thunder Bluff, perched on the highest point I could find in Swift Flight Form and logged off.

All done

(This shot in Orgrimmar looks better, but Thunder Bluff is still my favorite WoW capitol city, and it just makes sense for a Tauren.)

Almost done

I won the game, right?  Tishtoshtesh is on par with some old world raid bosses (OK, the weakest ones, but still…).  The Uldum story is done.  Time for a well-earned rest.

Time to go do some spoof game artwork (hint: ME4) and finish up Zomblobs!

(Yes, I’ve been slacking on Zomblobs! a bit.  I ran into a mental roadblock, and sometimes the best thing to do is step away for a little bit.  I think ultimately I’m just going to run with what I have in mind for the game and if playtesting shows it’s stupid, it gets changed.  That’s what betas are for, after all.)

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