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9 UP

I just watched 9 and UP back to back in theaters a mile or so apart.  It has been an interesting few hours.

One is about soulless machines and puppets with pieces of a soul, the other lifts your soul if there’s a piece of it left to be found.

One is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, the other is a whimsical dream.

One is a study in browns and fire, the other is all about color and clouds.

One embraces gritty realism and pseudoscientific magic, the other throws realism out the window and works its own magic.

One is at its best when it’s loudest, the other is at its best when it’s quiet.

One viewing of one will last me a lifetime, the other will be a cherished DVD that I view many times.

One is bitter and freaky, the other is bittersweet and weepy.

One tries to hammer a Message home, the other unabashedly embraces emotion, often about a home.

I hesitatingly recommend one, and heartily recommend the other.

Both are visually excellent, deeply creative and fiercely unique.

Each is a master work in its own way, and well worth seeing if you have any interest whatsoever in the subject matter.

Each, in its own way, embraces the message of looking forward and living life while learning from the past, even as you let go.

Funny how that works out.

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