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It’s busy here in the Tesh household.  Scrambling for work and finding ways to pay the bills is less than the easy breeze through the holidays of years past, but so it goes.  In the finest online Black Friday tradition, though, I wanted to note that we’re now selling the Tinker and Rusty Tinker decks (featured on Pinterest over here) at our newish SquareUp shop over here:

Project Khopesh Square Shop

I also have a few other shops, like this one at Shapeways, where the Tinker Dice and Gearpunk Dice started and still feature, as well as a smattering of other goodies like the WoW Druid rings (some of which I need to update, so if their system freaks out, please let me know):

Tish Tosh Tesh Toys

The Zazzle shop, with goodies like the Fishbowl Aggro shirt, Mousemech and Battle Bards:

Tish Tosh Tesh Toyz

And even a few items over here on CafePress:

Tish Tosh Teshirts

…and yes, I was stretching for some of these shop names.  Sorry.  Sort of.

Anyway, goodies abound, and if you do happen to pick something up, thank you!  I’d love to make more goods available, but time will tell if that’s worth spending my increasingly stressful time with.  I’d love to be able to pay the bills with creative endeavors like these and Kickstarters, but it’s just not happening at the moment.  Maybe someday.  (If I wasn’t afraid of copyright infringement, oh, the fun that could be had with selling fan art and mashups…)

In the meantime, here’s hoping you had a great Thanksgiving, and that December treats you well too!

I’ll make a better post or two as the end of the year approaches, it just seemed a good time to get these out there.


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Merry Musical Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody!






…and just because, there’s this.

…and a couple of musical toys: Otomata and Circuli

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Our A World of Keflings is on sale for Christmas, as is some of the DLC!  I found out about this through a roundabout promotional email, so I missed the first of the sale, but it’ll be up until the end of the year, if reports are correct.

I worked extensively on the core game and all of the DLC.  It’s been fun seeing things come together.  One of these days, I really should do a writeup of the process.

Anywho, go forth and conquer the Kefling world!

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…for shameless self-promotion.  Y’see, there are sales afoot, and one might as well take advantage of them, yes?

Specifically, I’m an artist.  I do art.  Some of it’s good.  Some of it’s for sale.  Some of it’s on sale.

Some is over here, at Zazzle.  It’s mostly shirts, but also some fun puzzles and assorted knickknacks, like this Zelda-inspired bumper magnet and this Mousemech art (available on a variety of things) that I’m inordinately happy with, and some preliminary Project Khopesh art.

Some is over there, at Shapeways.  Specifically, my gearpunk dice and some World of Warcraft inspired “class rings“, suggested by the venerable Big Bear Butt some time ago.  At present, I only offer Druid rings, but I’m taking requests.  I also have some other great ideas for 3D prints, if only I can make the time to create them… including the models for Zomblobs!

CafePress carries one of my shirt designs, but I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of their limitations on free shops, so most of my products will be offered via Zazzle for the forseeable future.

I also do the occasional commission, but to date, that’s mostly been for in-game currency over on the Puzzle Pirates forums, where I’m known as Silveransom, from whence several of the bits of art in my Mini Portfolio hail, and where one of my art tutorials resides.  I’d love to open the floodgates to do commissions for cash, but since I can’t promise a quick turnaround, I’ll just say that I’m very open to requests, I’m just going to be somewhat less than a full-time production house.  Somewhat less than part-time, really, but you might be surprised what is possible to do in the wee hours around midnight when the kids go to bed.

Y’see, things are unnaturally busy here at the Tesh household.  We’re finishing the basement, so my “vacation” from work this holiday season isn’t exactly filled with carefree whimsy and mad dashes to fulfill art requests.  Still, I’m working in a bit, here and there.

So yes, Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you do this time of year!

…are the Steam sales up yet?  That’s kind of an event, right?

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A brief sociopolitical/psychological tangent, then the good stuff.

I’m of a mind that good fences make good neighbors.

I don’t want a global government or global culture any more than I want a global economy (which is to say, not at all).  Many things just work better locally.  Beyond that, though, there’s the old thought that if you get any three people in a room, you’ll have four different opinions on any given topic.  …or something like that.

People just don’t agree in general; we’re individuals, and we all come at things a bit differently.  Trying to make a global government never did make much sense to me.  There’s certainly a good place for a baseline of civility, but trying to impose a collective consensus from on high just won’t work out.

Out here in the fringe society of MMO gaming, EVE works as a one-world sort of game, but even there, you have players going places to get away from each other.  Low-sec vs. High-sec, mining vs. wormhole exploring.  Us crazy humans are just a diverse lot with varied interests, and that’s OK.  Even when more technology advances sufficiently to make other solid one-world MMOs, people will still just go off and do their own thing.  (Especially us nefarious soloists.  Neener neener.)

Anyway, I’m not really out in tin foil hat land huffing and puffing about the New World Order or the latest Communist Manifesto, as much fun as that could be to prompt some minor flamewars.  What’s really important here is that people are inevitably individuals, and expecting to be able to mold people en masse just isn’t realistic.  That notion of individual agency has implications for any sort of activity where people are involved and interacting, from gaming to politics to religion or whatever.  We all need fences around our own decision making processes, or we’re no better than automatons fit for the Soylent Green Big Brother state dinner, and we need to respect the fences of other people.

As Robert A. Heinlein noted:

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”

I’d posit that this division isn’t just political; it’s philosophical, and touches every human activity, at all ages.

So what?  Well, lengthy preamble aside, I do find things like this to be curiously touching:

Pachelbel’s Canon in D… with Beatboxing, Breakdancing and Korean stringed instruments.

I don’t want globalization imposed from on high, but this sort of artist-inspired bizarre mashup of old and young, East and West, high class and street class, elegance and irreverence… well, it gives me hope that people from vastly different backgrounds really do have something to say to each other beside arguing.

That’s what I want out of “globalization”; people sharing and being good to each other, building something that is more than the sum of its parts.  Call it “Peace on Earth”, if you will, but that’s my Christmas wish for this year:

May we all find reason to celebrate the other, learning and creating with an eye to cooperation, serving each other because we choose to, not because we’re told to.

Merry Christmas or Happy Whatever It Is You Celebrate This Time of Year!  I hope it’s a good one for you and yours.

Oh, and speaking of Pachelbel and Christmas, I do love these, both hybrids in their own right:

John Schmidt’s Pachelbel Meets U2

TransSiberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon (and the Rock version is here, if you like that better… it’s a bit more of a hybrid)

…and while we’re talking rock, bonus points for the band OK Go teaming up with Notre Dame’s marching band and kids for a curiously philosophical comment or two:

This Too Shall Pass

Maybe it’s dumb, but I can’t help but smile a bit seeing potentially diverse groups like that producing something fun together.

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Merry Christmas, all!  May you have a wonderful holiday, and reason to remember He for whom the holiday is named.

If you don’t happen to subscribe to Christianity, well, Merry Whatever You Do Celebrate!

Oh, and if you’ve been bad this year, don’t expect a lump of coal from Santa.  Al Gore threatened to melt Santa’s workshop at the North Pole if he got in the way of cap & trade legislation and other assorted power grabs in the name of Global Climate Change Crisis That We Must Act On Now While It’s On Sale.  Instead, you get a nicely shaped lump of recycled postindustrial Green packing material.  Don’t forget to look for a Nobel Peace Prize winner in your lump’s profile!  (They ran out of Elvis, Mother Teresa and Michael Jackson already.)

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In lieu of writing my own biting commentary on the utter inanity of overcommercialization of sacred holy days, especially on the cusp of an economic depression, I merely submit to you this latest masterpiece from Sam Logan:

Sam and Fuzzy, Happy Giftfest 2008!

P.S.  Why have I taken this long to notice that “lieu” is basically a Frenchy version of “lie”?  So… I’d write about how annoyed I am with the whole economy and corruption of the holidays, but I’ll lie and say that things are great here and that I love drivers who cut you off in heavy snow conditions.

(I’ll be back later with something less… snarky, but this is all I have time for now, and it’s cathartic.  So there.  Pthbthbthb.)

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