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Our A World of Keflings is on sale for Christmas, as is some of the DLC!  I found out about this through a roundabout promotional email, so I missed the first of the sale, but it’ll be up until the end of the year, if reports are correct.

I worked extensively on the core game and all of the DLC.  It’s been fun seeing things come together.  One of these days, I really should do a writeup of the process.

Anywho, go forth and conquer the Kefling world!


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It’s “Cyber Monday”, and among other sales out there, Shapeways is having a 15% off sale.  That means my Gearpunk dice are on sale, as are the World of Warcraft Druid signet rings.  They are rejiggering the pricing around a bit as well, so the prices are going to be changing in my shop, too.  No more of the nice progression of price points I planned out, no, it’s going to be a mess of weird numbers.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that all the prices are going to be coming down a bit.  I’m happy about that.  Lower prices, 15% sale… it’s a good day to investigate Shapeways.

Here’s my shop, Tish Tosh Toys

and there’s the main Shapeways page.

I now have the Resto and Cat form rings up for sale as well.  Sorry they are late, but hey, sale day is a good day for them, right?  Moonkin rings are in the pipeline, hopefully available in the next few days.

Cat Signet

Cat Slim

Resto Signet

Resto Slim

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Dear Kings Isle,

Thank you.

It’s nice to think that someone listened, even if it was just a coincidence.

You’ve also earned some money from at least one fan, and maybe another.  *waves at the good Cap’n*  This is effectively a lifetime sub for all current content, almost a Guild Wars sort of purchase.  I love that business model, and I really like Wizard 101.



(Scot Silverblade, Balance/Death Wizard, still enamored with Marleybone but now chasing elephant demons in MooShu)

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Cipher Prime is currently having a “moving sale” for their company.  I’ve been waiting for just this sort of thing ever since Fractal was released.

So, until July 30th, you can get Fractal and/or Auditorium for $5 each.  These are great games, well worth the cost.  I’m stingy, so I’ve been waiting for a sale, but these have been at the top of my “pull the trigger and buy” list.

Really, just go play their demos (right on the web, no download) and see what they are.  Auditorium especially really needs to be experienced, and Fractal is a rock-solid bit of fun hex-based puzzling.  I was sold on the demos… but now that I’ve played the “full” game for each (at least, in breadth, if not depth), I’d recommend them even higher.  The demos are good fun, but the full games are fantastic.

Disclosure:  I have no material connection to these guys and receive no benefits from promoting these games.  I just think they are great games, totally worth playing and buying.  If nothing else, go check them out, and if you like ’em, spread the word!  That’s part of how the indie game development world works; we can’t rely on publishers to make or break our games.

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Caster is an interesting little game, reminding me of a land-based Magic Carpet 2, a game I loved while I had the time to play it.

And hey, Caster currently has one of those “pay whatever you’d like” sales going on. Gotta love those!

Hat tip to the Rampant Coyote, indie game promoter and developer.

Oh, and Sleep is Death is on sale now, too.  Hat tip to Nels Anderson for that one.  It’s a wildly different game from Caster… but maybe that’s a good thing.  If nothing else, it’s worth looking at to see what it does.  (I’m still digging into it… think two player tabletop RPG with a graphical client… sorta.)

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One more day on the sale for our A Kingdom for Keflings game on the PC!

It’s good to see some of you having fun with it, especially when kids step in.  It really is a great game for almost any age.  Thanks for liking it!

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Tip ‘o the shanter to Ysharros over at Stylish Corpse:

Pricing Models: Pay What You Want

Crayon Physics is currently on sale, using the same sort of “pay what you want” method that World of Goo did a while back for their birthday.  It worked out pretty well for the WoG guys.  Here’s hoping it works for  Crayon Physics.

The sale ends Friday the 15th of January, though, so if you want this excellent game, get over there and buy it!

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Torchlight Sale

Torchlight is on sale via Steam this weekend.

Half price for an already nicely priced game that’s good dungeon crawling fun?

That’s worth dealing with Steam for.

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